Thank you to our 200+ donors! 
Without your generosity and support the Franciscan Friars would be
unable to feed, shelter, clothe and support over 2 million people each year. 
Wishing all a Blessed 2019! 

Take The Franciscan Challenge This Christmas!

I believe having a Franciscan Heart is the key to a life with God. What is a Franciscan Heart? It’s a way of living life with joy, seeing the good in everyone and accepting all people without judgment. A Franciscan Heart captures the spirit and joy of St. Francis. Having a Franciscan Heart is also about making the world a better place to live. You have a Franciscan Heart when you help the Friars extend Christs’ presence through your generosity to The Franciscan Challenge.  If 1,000 people give a minimum gift of $50 to the Franciscan Challenge, we will reach our goal of $50,000.  This will help us to educate our young Friars for ministry, continue to care for the poor who come to us each day, and to care for our elderly and sick Friars.  Please, help us with your generosity to bring healing and help to our world which desperately needs more Franciscan Hearts! You can also Make A Pledge!