Take The Franciscan Challenge This Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving Day, many people will take their place at a table and share what they are grateful for. You might hear: I am grateful for my family, for my good health, for my home or my job. But what if you heard: Lord, thank you for this formula for my baby, thank you for the new undergarments I have received and for the socks that keep my feet warm at night, you will realize that you are sitting at a very different table, a table of the poor and maybe the homeless.

That is what 2 million children, women, men, and families who depend on the Franciscan Friars for food, clothing, diapers, formula and shelter will be thanking God for this Thanksgiving. Our help centers are at a major shortage for these basic necessities, and now that the winter is approaching, they are of the utmost importance.

Please help us fill the plates of the poor and desperate this Thanksgiving as well as, continue help us to educate our young Friars for ministry and care for our elderly and sick Friars. Whatever donation you can share, large or small, with the Franciscan Friars will be deeply, deeply appreciated. We can only do it with your financial support and prayers through the Franciscan Challenge. If 1,000 people give a minimum gift of $50, we will reach our goal of $50,000. 
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Jesus often spoke about love as the foundation of faith and hope. Through many centuries, the Franciscan Friars have put that love into their ministry. It is love at Work. As the Church faces many challenges, it is important that our student friars get the best education to respond to the needs of God's people. Help us ensure our continued ministry by assisting us in educating the young men who are coming to us with Franciscan vocations. They will be the Franciscan presence in the future church as they continue the all-accepting, joyful spirit of St. Francis. We have always relied on your generosity to help us learn how to put that Love Into Work. If 1,000 people give a minimum gift of $50 to the Franciscan Challenge, we will reach our goal!



The Franciscan Challenge is a call to join the Franciscan Friars in transforming a piece of the world by becoming the eyes, the hands and the feet of Jesus Christ in our world now. We are his body now, we are his hands now, we are his feet now, and we are his eyes on the world. We need your help to continue our work with those who suffer from the obstacles of poverty, hunger, homelessness and mental illness. Our Friars serve over 2 million children, women and men on the East Coast of the USA each year with medical assistance, food, diapers, formula, drug counseling and shelter. If 1,000 people give a minimum gift of $50 to the Franciscan Challenge, we will reach our goal!


The Franciscan Friars need your Financial support to be his feet now as we care for the elderly Friars who have served so many for so long. Many of sick and elderly Friars have devoted their lives to building the parishes and other various ministries in which the Franciscan Friars are still very much present. We would not be in these places without the hard work of our older brother Friars. They cared for you by building up these wonderful ministries, and Now they need our help to walk with them on their journey to their final yes to God. If 1,000 people give a minimum gift of $50 to the Franciscan Challenge, we will reach our goal!



That word "Franciscan" says so much that it is impossible to capture the spirit of Francis, or those who have followed him for over 800 years, with one word. The word "Franciscan" says so much that it overflows with all the characteristics that make up what people feel, believe, and desire when they hear that sweet word. It goes beyond definition, border, categories, religious orders, or even Catholic. It encompasses all peoples, accepts everyone, inflames deep spirituality, laughs joyfully and inspires compassion endlessly.